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Ah, I am writing once more, and I am feeling free.

I know; I've stalled in my literature. I've rebelled from writing completely. Well, I did. For a while, I was oblivious to writing. I didn't want to write, didn't want to scrawl on paper, didn't want to throw myself in front of the computer and type, type, type the day away. All I wanted was freedom. Purely and simply, freedom.

I wanted to flee to the outside world, with the wind hurling at my face, the buttery sunlight staining me yellow. And for a lengthy time, that's what I achieved. A more of an outdoor life.

But now I have resorted to writing once again. The craving for weaving tales with my words has stricken me, and I must relieve that craving. But at least now I have experienced the glorious wonder the outdoors can offer you.

I will continue to write. I will attempt not to abuse this diary as before. However, I will continue to reach my level of freedom as well. The outside has lifted my spirits. Chris has left me alone, and Jayson and I are truly bonding. So much has hurtled past in my life, I can't even record it all.

Kisses to my outside, and kisses to my literature. They both are the best ways to escape my life when I feel like achieving a point of solemnity or freedom. One in a world of reality, and in the other a world in which anything can occur.

Reality and imagination strike me with such glorious passion.

10:28 p.m. - January 31, 2002


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