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A new baby?!

My mother has just broken upon me the most shocking news. I am going to be having a baby brother or sister.

Me? An older sibling? I cannot imagine informing people that I am not an only child. I've been saying "I'm an only child" since I was old enough to understand, and since people began questioning me about it. It's simply stunning.

Half of me is joyous, and the other half is just shocked. My world will be whirling when the baby is born.

I'm wondering if the baby's birth will cut off of the time I devote to my outside freedom and literature. And I wonder if I will continue to contemplate this oncoming birth so selfishly. I should be bonding with my mother and should be preparing for the baby's arrival with glee, despite that the wait will reach a length of approximately nine months.

Oh, wait. I just thought of something. How did my mother get pregnant? Dad is dead, so that of course leaves him out of the question. Who did she have that kind of relationship with? Why didn't she tell me? Was she dating? One thing I knew - She sure wasn't married.

I am beginning to worry. What has Mom been up to?

2:44 p.m. - February 01, 2002


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