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The Secret Guy

Well, it's been six days of endless labor for me. Will this continue for nine months? I sure hope not.

I feel lost and angry, deprived of my freedom. This new baby is being quite the troublesome pest, though Mom's belly hasn't swelled a bit yet, logically. Though, because my mother knows that a baby is developing in her stomach, she puts me to hard work, and I still try and piece together the mystery of the pregnancy.

The basic, outright, and logical question: Who did she have sex with?

Somebody has to be the father of this baby, but who? Who had such a relationship with Mom? She isn't married. Well, she was. Before Dad was shot and killed when I was eight. He was a police officer... I don't know. Something happened and he got caught up in a fight and was shot to death. He was the only one who ever really cared about me.

So, who has Mom been turning up? Who is this secret guy?

That's something that I will just have to try to find out.

7:19 p.m. - February 07, 2002


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