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So much work, so little time.

I've been tending to Mom for the past few days. As I was cooking some eggs yesterday morning, thoughts whirled in my head, questions of how Mom got pregnant. I've been attempting to solve this mystery, but so far, I've gotten no where near in doing so.

Mom and I aren't closely bonding as we should, even though I've been working day and night to get her what she needs. It seems like any freedom that I've formerly obtained has been either restrained or lost altogether. I work bitterly at my mother's side, longing to write or just get out into the open. Does she spare me any time of my own?

Of course not.

She is attending some kind of program at this clinic, but she bore me no information about what she was endulging in, which pissed me off.

I haven't hooked up with Jayson in a while. I wonder if I should call him?

Well, I'm going to go throw my coat on and flee to the glorious outdoors while I still can. Perhaps when I find some more time I will write more.

Mwah, my dear freedom. I'm afraid we won't be together as often. There's a new life ready to be lifted.

1:48 p.m. - February 03, 2002


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